A guide perhaps...

...As the night starts to wake, you settle into bed. The summer moon hangs bright in the sky. Pointy shadow-creatures dance across the wallpaper, as the gravel road pops. In the distance, a slow-motion howl pierces the stillness. Peering over the top of your covers,  you look out across the backyard, to the wild. Crimson eye-shine flashes at the treeline, where the lawn turns to woods. You stir with the knowledge that bed sheets aren't going to keep you safe. The howl gets louder. Tearing the covers off your bed you tie them around your neck.  Someone is going to have to go out there. Suddenly, a cloaked voice speaks from the darkest corner of your room, "If you are going to face the unknown and learn the language of the night you are going to need help, a guide perhaps." The shadow stands up and a shaggy man in a trench-coat walks forward, from nothing,  hand out-stretched. "Let me introduce myself, Nolan J. Dwyer."

Nolan Dwyer is a story teller. He creates both textual and visual stories intending to pull readers into the worlds he creates. He is an Integrative Arts major at Penn State University who shaped his degree around children's literature. Dwyer combines his experience working with children and love of things that go bump in the night to entertain and enthrall. He takes readers back to the their younger days before they forgot about magic and monsters. He has worked on short stories, picturebooks, pop-up books, interactive kids toys, and most recently an unique format, a photo-comic novel. Dwyer believes there is wonderful danger all round us if we only know where to look!





Contact info: dwyernolan@gmail.com

All Photos Taken By Holly Veenis.

All images and text owned by their copyright holders.