The lost Boys

…They are being hunted. The last descendants of the Lost Boys, the ones who fled from the Neverlands long ago. He stayed behind, locked in a timeless duel, so others could leave. If Hook is coming for them now, it means only one thing…

                                                                        …Pan is dead.

lost boys flyer.jpg

…Can you remember how to fight, how to fly, how to crow?

Sarah – The Leader. She inspires through example. It is said that even light will follow her into the dark, into the fray.

 Molly – The Believer. Often lost in a story, she has an instinctive faith in what could be. She is the first to know the way.

 Jake - The Feral. Cunning and caring he understands beasts. He knows what howls in the distance, for it is part of him.

 Remy – The MacGyver. His hands hold knowledge. Able to fix anything with the right tools or without them.

 Neil and Tom – The Trouble. Hard to control, easier to set free. Luck follows in their wake.

 Mika – The Shadow. Born into a life on the fringes, part of the underbelly. A flame against the darkness.

 Paul – The Siren. Enemies become allies under his tongue. It was your idea all along.

 Rose – The Wild. Indigenous to the hills. Flora heeds her call, bending to her will.  

 Tink – The Memory. The last of her kind. A flightless fairy, haunted by the past, she knows what the Lost Boys could be.

Andersen – The Horologist*. An original Lost Boy, forever a student of time. Where magic meets machine. *Horology is the study of time and the art of making timepieces.

 Nels – The Smile. The other original Lost Boy. Long ago he learned the value of a disarming grin and a sleight of hand.

 Smee – The Traitor. Hook’s first mate and spy on the mainland. A man tired of smoke, tired of lies, tired of death.